We provide Best Brazillian in Lower Mainland

We provide Best Brazillian in Lower MainlandWe do not use a double dip method, we use a disposable cup for our waxing service. Extremely efficient, thorough and hygiene standards are maintained. We offer soft wax and all our products are perfect for sensitive skin.

First Brazilian wax?

Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. Your esthetician will talk you through the service, making sure you are comfortable and reassured throughout the process. We have perfected a quick and efficient process with as minimal pain as possible and are proud to provide the best Brazilian wax in Town We are Beauty Safe Certified. A program promoting protocols of infection control, safe cleaning, sterilization and chemical practices. BeautySafe ensures technicians are certified and maintain these high standards. If you’re looking for the best Brazilian wax (and other types of waxing) in Town give us a call or book online! (Please note we only do Brazilian Waxing for Women.

Here is the list of waxing services we provide

  • Women Waxing - Brazilian
  • Women Waxing - Bikini
  • Women Waxing - Brazilian wax with buttocks
  • Women Waxing - Full back
  • Women Waxing - Half Arms
  • Women Waxing Package - Full Arms & Full Legs
  • Womens Waxing - Full Arms, Full legs & Brazilian
  • Women Waxing - Full Arms
  • Women Waxing - Full body
  • Women Waxing - Full stomach
  • Women Waxing - Half back
  • Womens Half Legs Waxing
  • Women Waxing Package - Brazilian & Full Legs
  • Womens Waxing - Full Arms, Full legs & Brazilian

For Prices please head to the link here and book online. Got a question? We are just a call away Please call 604-583-4880